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( PART 1 )


'Twas the night before Jailbreak,
all the inmate's keeping cool.
The guards are smiling proudly,
not knowing they were the fool.
Each cell had it's own escape route,
Each inmate had his own role.
But together they were going,
to walk right out this hole.

Everyone was rowdy,doing what they do,
Patiently waiting the hours away.
It was going to be the escape of the century,
and the topic of every following day.
Everyone on the cell block,
knew what had to be done.
each had a hidden compartment,
where each had hid a gun.

For months they planned this Jailbreak,
being sure nothing could go wrong,
and now it was only hours away,
that they'd be charging along.
Enough time was spent in the joint,
for each and everyone.
which was why it was no big of a surprise,
when they all jumped for the chance to run.

Between them was one rule,
after they had flown,
Each would run for cover,
each would be on their own.
No one was to look back,
Just run for the chance to be free.
All with a hope to never return,
was exactly how it was to be.


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( PART 2 )


Alarms were ringing loudly,
Guards were out in packs.
The cells were being ransacked,
while the coppers dug for facts.
Road blocks were being set up,
the dogs were all let out.
All the city was covered,
But then again it was no doubt.

13 inmates made their way out the door,
While the guards were left on their face.
They ran for the chance to be free,
and behind they'd leave no trace.
They say it was the largest man hunt,
That the state had ever seen.
and anyone that was involved,
had just went drastically mean.

The inmates had their destiny planned,
They each went their separate ways,
That was the secret they kept to themselves,
and that was the way that it stayed.
The hunt went on for years,
They say only a few were ever caught.
The other's may have survived,
and freedom now they've got.

written by
Patti Brooks

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