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I try not to think of the distance,
That hold's our lives apart,
Try not to think of the pain,
Without you I carry in my heart.
I try to keep my eye's closed,
So that you is all that I see,
Yet somehow in my hope's,
I'm brought back into reality.

A reality that carries distance,
A life without you with me,
and through the pain I manage,
A thought of setting you free.
My heart it aches, and in silence,
Sometimes inside I can hear,
The simple pain without you,
My heart it drips a tear.

I don't know how much longer,
I can go without your touch,
How much I have to endure,
Before realizing it's too much.
At night I lay myself to sleep,
my Mind it drifts to you,
Yearning for your gentle touch,
Just what am I to do ?

My love I must let go for now,
The distance the tear's the pain ,
Is all away too much for me,
To continue on this way,,,,

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written by
Patti Brooks

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