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She had a very loving husband,
A life that was very good,
She said one day" I want a baby",
and they decided they would.

Well after many months of trying,
they both just couldn't believe,
That why ,with having so much love to give,
was she not able to conceive.

After many trip's to the doctor's,
At a loss of what was wrong,
they were told things were okay,
and conceiving wouldn't be long.

Well years went by slowly,
and through tears they tried to cope,
wanting so badly a child seemed
to be only failing hope.

Each day the tears would fall,
and answers they could never find,
The dream of being a Mother,
was escaping from her mind.

Then twenty-one years later,
both over whelmed with joy,
For holding tightly in their arms
rests a precious little boy.

Surely a gift send from heaven,
for the whole world to see,
That through the heartache and the pain....
Sits a truly SPECIAL FAMILY...

written by
Patti Brooks

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