The Beauty of Winter

The sun shines and kisses the snow
to create a sparkle
Tree limbs covered and hanging low
from the weight of the snow.
Little creatures footsteps seen across
the fallen blanket
Birds gather together at their feeders,
that now hang rather low.

The icicles that melt and glisten
from the sun's warmth, through the day
Smoke swirls above the chimneys,
with scents of lumber ash
Blue skies paint a picture of beauty,
that I marval at, as one of God's wonders
Winter's enticing landscapes are enjoyed,
but we wonder, how long the snow
and cold will last.

When night-time emerges and all freezes
with a bite from frozen air
The winter's end grows nearer,
with every passing day
Spring's warmth will rush in
with a burst of energy,
And melt the frozen beauty,
of snow and ice away.

.....Diana Grogan 1/98

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