Gremlin's Lake Applets

I have visited many beautiful sites as I traveled the web.
One of the things I enjoy most is the look of the
Lake Applet.
I have created this page to bring together the applets
that I created and also some links to other beautful sites.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

My Lakes Applets

The Gift
The Horse
Together Forever!
Horses of My Dreams
Brookside Hideaway
Signs of Fall
My Great Dane
I Thought Of You
New RainbowBridge Poem
The Shar-Pei
The Blue Fairy
Lizard Lakes


For something a little different visit

Special Thanks To Arthur
For this beautiful Applet
Visit his site to see more of his work

Dragon's Lake Applets

Other Lake Applets Sites

The World At Our Fingers Lake Applet's
Jack's Waterworld
Viper's Pit Lake Applets
Galleries & Museums d'Java
Wolf"s Lake Applets
Friends:Precious As A Rose
Lorraine's Lakes
Macadamia's Nut House
Uncle Gus Lake Applets
Dorothy's Home Page
Canvaswerks Art and Poetry Gallery
Wolfman's Applet's
Wally O's Java Applets
Dakota Dreams
Jan's Designs
Poems From The Heart

I hope you enjoyed your visit.
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Thank You!

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