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When I look around I see a lot of different things,
And through my ears I hear soft voices, and notes they sing.
What I had been looking at, has seemed to disappear,
I know I'm somewhere else, and inside has built a lot of fear.
I'm not surrounded by walls and water, It seems I've been set free,
I need my Mommy close, and too hold on tight to me.
It's not dark anymore, there seems to be all kinds of light,
and my home of security, seems to be further from sight.

Oh Mommy please just hold me tight and don't let go,
There's so many things I see, and none that I know.
Please don't scold me when I cry, I'm just scared, yet don't know why.
So many things have changed, like now I'm breathing on my own,
I need time to understand, please Mommy don't leave me alone.
I'm really alive, and now my body's starting to change,
I'm Just like Mommy and daddy, yet so much is so strange.
Just hold me tightly in your arms, and take me day by day,
Teach me right from wrong, and never lead me astray.


written by
Patti Brooks

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