The snowy owl is a white, majestic bird.
It has white feathers which are sometimes speckled with black.
The snowy owl is a large owl of the Arctic that winters occasionally
south to the central United States.

Since I tend to be nocturnal in my habits I decided
to dedicate this page to this graceful and beautiful bird.


The brilliant sun comes up over the horizon.
The call of the wild I hear from afar.
Birds happily chirping - Hello and Good Morning
Their babies awakened by hunger, and a
crow flys overhead and loudly caws.
Mother nature springs forth in all it's beauty.
Sweet blossoms awakening from their winter's sleep.
Green grasses growing rapidly, right before our eyes.
This beautiful picture God created and gave us,
So in our minds we'll keep.
Blue skies, speckled with white fluffy clouds.
The day passes by quickly, until the quiet of night.
An owl with it's big wide eyes hoots from a tree
not far away.
The sound is peaceful, as the creatures sleep
under the star filled sky, until a new daylight.
Diana Grogan 4/98

Special thanks to a lovely lady
who wrote the above poem for me!

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