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I am Gremlin!

Everyone is welcome to my World.

This is my place for Dreams and Fantasy.
My world of what Is and The Places I wish could Be!

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If on a Summer's night a wreath of light glittered
on the grass of a meadow, wise mortals drew away.

The light was a fairy ring of elfin dancers,
and the man or maid who stepped within its glow
would be imprisoned in their world!

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Explore the Worlds beyond the Grove.
Just click on the image to begin your journey!

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Visit the Grove

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Stop by the site of
Jethro the gentle Giant.
A true friend and companion.

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Visit Carolyn's Corner to see what I like to do!
When I'm not surfing the Internet.
I confess...I'm a Computer addict!

Drop in on ChingLee. To me a special Sharpei.
She loves people and is always happy.

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Visit the cousins.
They love company.

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The Library
A Collection of Poetry
and Information Links

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    The PlayRoom has Java Applet Games
    for young and old. I really got hooked on
    Java.   Enjoy!

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Every village has a haunted house.
Take a minute and visit the
Ghosts of Gremlin's Grove.

Visit a World of Beauty and Enchantment

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This Guardian is From:

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Hi! I am the Wanderer. Wherever you see me,
just click and I will bring you back to the Grove.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Daremore Quotes

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I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Please Sign My Dreambook

Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook!

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