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Baby I close my eyes at night,
and see your loving face,
I want so bad to open them again
to you in your place.

Your pillow rests beside me,
empty and cold,
I cuddle up to it,
wishing it were you I could hold.

I have never felt the security
that I feel when your holding me,
I've never felt so alive
since you have become a part of me.

I've never had anyone do for me
the things you without question,
And to thank you for each individually,
there's too many to mention.

I miss your soft kiss's on my cheek
each morning when I awake,
I miss your "soft good night baby",
when the sky's sun does break.

In your arms I have the peace
that I have longed for, for many years,
and the distance now between us,
only fills my eyes with tears.

I know your hurting on the other side,
I know your missing me too,
I also know your stronger then I ,
and that will get us through..

I love you sweetheart,
every minute of every day that pass;s us by,
No one will ever take your place ,
with you I have a tie..

You are the love of my life,
you are my dream come true,
You are what makes me go on living,
and I cant wait to be back with you.
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Written by Patti Brooks

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