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Looking out through my window,
I see a blanket  falling from the sky,
It's a soft and gently white ,
With glitters that catch my eye.

The green trees now are layered
in a sheet of covered snow,
Glittering in the sun it's radiant
as it stands for the world to show.

The hills are softly covered,
In a white that displays a glistening silver,
I stand and look in awe,
Not noticing the cold that has me shiver.

The lakes are covered lightly,
The water ripples beneath its snowy lace,
A picture of a winter wonders,
are seen all over the place.

From the heavens the scenes are given,
for the world to see ,
A dream of peace and quiet ,
Solitude has been brought into reality.

Snowflakes fall upon the ground,
To leave a mark no one can overlook.
A blanket covers the world outside ,
Like a romance taken from a book.

Beauty in its fineness,
The snow blankets the earth for all to enjoy,
Oh the wonders of winter,
In our hearts has found a way to place a joy.

written By Patti Brooks

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