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Without You

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Another day has gone by without you in it,
And I have missed you every single minute.
The days seem to go by so slow,
I just want to sleep, until they go..

As long as my eyes are closed, I can have you with me,
As long as I dream, together we can forever be.
As long as there is darkness, I can pretend you are near,
As long as I day dream, you I can pretend to hear.

Without you is like being in this world alone,
No one to laugh with, my life feels like stone.
I have no feelings other then sadness and cold,
I have no one to cradle me, and no one to hold.

Without you is a feeling that's hard to explain,
Like a flower that has gone through the heaviest of rain.
I Love you are words that will forever be said to you,
And my heart will be your heart, as long as it beats true..

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Written by Patti Brooks

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