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When you were a little boy,
You would always hold tight to my hand,
You would always come to me,
When there were things you didn't understand.

There was so much of me in you then,
That everybody saw,
That one day,
You'd grow up and be just like your Paw.

And as they expected,
You've grown up like me, in so many ways,
That looking at your life,
I wonder how I managed through those days.

Yet I try to give you what I can,
I try to let you know,
That even though your now a man,
I still love you so.

I know we don't always agree,
And I say things I shouldn't say,
It's just that to make you understand,
I feel that's the only way.

For you are my flesh, you are my blood,
You are the biggest part of me,
You are the most important thing in my life,
And I realize you must be free.

Although you have a family
And you hold your number "one",
You still make my life worth living,
That's what you do my son.

So don't think I don't need you,
Or that your walking away is wrong,
You'll always be my number one,
And too me you'll always

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written by
Patti Brooks

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