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Across the empty sky
I look into the night,
Wondering how you are,
and if everything's alright.

Knowing your heart feels empty,
knowing you feel alone,
I patiently wait to hear your voice,
and the ringing of the phone.

This empty space between us,
wont be forever I know,
The closeness of our hearts,
is something that will never go.

In my arms I miss you most,
for its there I know all is fine,
It's there I know our love is true,
it's there I know your mine.

I long to have you near me,
for the distance to be erased,
I long to have you with me,
knowing we have conquered
the obstacles we faced.

I miss you telling me you love me,
your comfort while we sleep,
I miss knowing I'm so special,
as you make that feeling deep.

Across the world I smile,
knowing in my heart,
we hold a love so true,
And without even seeing,
I know that smile also wears on you...

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Written By Patti Brooks

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