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Missing You
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My sunshine has disappeared
since you no longer are in my sight,
The dark skies and clouds,
are not only visual at night.

I miss you more then you could
ever imagine to be true,
and I can't even begin to count
the tears I've cried for you.

I toss and turn in my sleep,
Trying to feel you against my skin,
But your not there,
and the sorrow drags me in..

I walk through the house and look,
at things you left behind,
He's coming back, I say to myself,
to ease my troubled mind.

I miss your hands touching me,
Your smile to show you care,
I miss you holding me in your arms,
telling me your there.

I feel so lost and alone,
Yet I know we'll be together again,
and I just have to be strong,
While my sunshine downs in rain.

I love you baby, with all of my heart,
and that will never end,
You have become the light of my life,
and my bestest friend.

Patti Brooks

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Graphics Thanks to
Moonlight Designs
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