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Lonely Nights

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I close my eyes at night,
wondering how you are,
Knowing in the sky,
we're staring at the same star.

I miss you baby so much
and I know your missing me too,
And I can't wait till your back in my arms,
and this nightmare is through.

It's true you don't know
how much you have until it is gone,
Your everything to me,
and without you the nights seem so long.

I know in my heart you love me,
and that alone keeps me content,
And I know that in my life,
you were truly heaven sent.

So much you do for me,
So hard you try to let me know you care,
So much understanding you show,
and support of just being there.

It's been three days now,
My nights are lonely and still,
Yet I know to be here,
Is so much for you a will..

Everywhere is a reminder
of how much you love me so,
And in my heart I know,
for US you had to go.

As you go everyday without me,
know your in my heart,
Your in the air I breath,
Your my every morning start.

Sweetheart I'll always need you,
and my love for you will always grow,
I love you and you love me,
and Gosh I miss you so...

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Patti Brooks

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