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As I sit here in my cell,
I wonder about the world, and if it's doing well.
I ask myself over and over, Just why I am here,
And why I hurt those who love me so dear.
Here I sit in a little room, realizing it's not for me,
Not being able to get out, not being able to be free.
Asking myself over and over why I did the the things I've done,
Locking myself up, not being able to run.

The world's on the outside, here it's just sin,
I regret doing the things that ever got me in.
I want out, just hand me the key,
It's hell in here, can't anyone see?
I realized from the start, that it was crime,
but I never thought I'd get caught for the time.
I lay awake at night, On a tiny little bed,
while different thoughts run through my head.

The seasons go by, I miss everyone,
I'm sorry now, for the things I've done.
Please let me go to carry on my life,
I'm tired of my cell, all the hardship and strife.
Please let me go, So I can carry on my way,
and leave all my cell days, Behind me to stay....


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