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Through life we travel a road we
feel comfortable with,
Keeping our focus on a direction
we see ahead.
As we follow that road with the
greatest of ease,
We try to avoid any wrongs,
and things we may later dread.

Yet sometimes almost always,
We come to a fork in the road,
Where our steady path stops and
forces us to decide a way.
We could stay on the road that
has yet too fail us all these years,
That's led us to happiness,
We tended to think would always stay.

And as much as we ache inside knowing,
our heart is on this choice,
We seem to stay at the fork
In confusion and in despair.
Our road we trusted,
Seems too be fogging over before us,
And so instead we choose the other,
Thinking we're better there.

Down that new road we find
Many obstacles we hadn't ever crossed,
and desperately inside wonder
if we made the wrong choice.
Yet no matter how far down the road
we go or how dark it becomes.
No one is there to hear the cry
of our pleading voice.

We have to understand
That the road we travel on,
Is open for mistakes and is open for pain.
But it's a road we trust and a road we know,
And have to believe at the end,
We'll reach our gain.
Don't take the other road at the fork,
Cause you can't see through the fog,

It's but a small milestone
we all will come to one day.
Continue on the road, you started on,
"Continue to follow your heart,"
Because in the end you'll painfully find,
your new road has but

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Written By
Patti Brooks
March 24/99

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