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I've lived this world for 30 years, so many ups and down's,
So many tears so many  disappointments, and so many frowns.
Then from out of the blue, when I thought I'd reached my end,
From somewhere came "you",  who has become a great friend.

I appreciate all you have done, the time you take to show you care,
The time when I know your busy, yet don't want to leave me there.
I can't find the words, to say exactly, how it is I feel,
Yet I do know, that in you, I found a friend who is REAL.

My sad days you cheer up, my happy days, you make brighter,
My troubled and hard days,  I can sense your friendship tighter.
You haven't been in my life long, yet you've gotten deep,
And the feelings you have showed me, are one's I'll always keep.

When there are things in my life that you don't understand,
You take the time to learn, and always lend your hand.
They are not many like you in this world,
and I thank you for being there,

For all you given me, this page is for you,
To show you also, how much I care.


Written By Patti Brooks



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