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Another Day

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Well day two without my baby,
each one feels like ten,
I go to sleep at night,
Wanting to be in your arms again.

Last night when I closed my eyes,
I could feel you so close to me,
Running my hands along your legs,
mmmm.... what a memory.

Each day gets a little better,
Yet each day I seem to cry,
Wanting you so badly to hold,
And hoping quickly the days go by.

I love you with all my heart and soul,
and to be back in your arms,
is my only goal.
I need you and this distance
makes me see how much,
How much I need you
and miss your loving touch.

I know in my heart,
No one could love me like you,
and I know in my life,
no one else would ever do.
Your my dream when I sleep,
my wish on every star,
your my blanket of solitude,
where ever you are.

I miss you today,
more then I did just yesterday,
and I'll love you more tomorrow,
Then I did today.

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Patti Brooks



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