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When darkness fills the sky at night,
and twinkles every star,
When eyes are closed and wishes thought,

I dream of how things are.

Holding you tightly in my arms,

Sealing the night with a kiss,
Loving you every minute,

Having you my deepest wish.

My love could grow no stronger,

For anyone else but you,
No dream could be more happier,

Then those I have of you.

I know that deep down in my heart,

That we were meant to be,
I couldn't be loved more by anyone else,

Nor you by anyone but me.

I couldn't live my life without you,

It would slowly waste a way,
I need your love to get me through ,

the dark and troubled days.

So please don't turn your back on me,

Don't let your love decrease,
For I want you now and ever,

Till the day I'm claimed deceased.......

Patti Brooks

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