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I woke up this morning, with a brick for a head,
A few too many the night before, and a loss of whatever was said.
I went to roll over, then quickly changed my mind,
whatever the night held, it left much behind.
I couldn't move my body, I knew that I'd be sick,
But something had to be done, and it had to be done quick.
Minutes went by, my stomach a mess, My body unable to move,
I lay there tangled in thoughts ,Of what I was trying to prove.
My tongue stuck in my mouth, I couldn't even pull it out,
My eyes I couldn't keep open, and I say to myself " No doubt".

Every morning I wake up, wishing I were dead,
dragging myself through the day, That is if I get out of bed.
My rent is long over due, my house has never seen food,
I haven't any friends, They say I'm all to rude.
There's no one to turn too, I can't even cry,
I'm getting deeper in debt, trying to make it by.
I finally make it to a chair, I give my head a shake,
It take's everything I have, to keep myself awake.

Right now I'm not worth a thing, and I realize something has to be done
I see now I have a problem, and there's no where left to run.
So I sit until I'm sober, then slowly swallow my pride,
It's help I need and I'll get it, for no longer can I hide.
My life has hit rock bottom, the pain is just too much,
Reality is lost, and I need it back in touch.
They say that with sobriety, your limit is the sky,
and I'm not about, to miss that ride...

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